NYCML'18 will present Open Lab Day, a series of workshops on emerging media and technology themes. Open Lab Day will host up to 16 workshops at NYU Kimmel Center on Friday, September 21st (9AM-4PM). 

The Lab is looking for hands-on and interactive learning experiences. NYC faculty members, early stage and advanced startups, corporate innovation leaders and civic partners are encouraged to send in an idea for a workshop. What are the state of the art tools and applications? How can companies organize around new technologies and interfaces?

A few areas on inquiry include: 

Metadata & Machine Learning:

  • What is the next game-changing application of data science and machine learning? How will it impact our everyday - how we work, live, play?

Computer Vision, Voice & Natural Language Processing:

  • How can we teach computers to see, read, listen and understand narratives? What’s the future of human-computer interaction?

Tech Policy & Ethics:

  • What’s the intersection of policy, rights, and innovation? How should law makers and individuals consider the future of technology? How do we balance privacy and profit in a post-GDPR world?

VR, AR, MR and Immersive Media:

  • What are new ways we experience immersive media? How does this change how we interact with the world and each other? What are the transformative ways we can use VR, AR and MR technologies?

If you or your organization would like to host a workshop, please pitch us a concepts using the below application form.