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The Demo Expo at NYC Media Lab's annual Summit is the largest pan-university showcase of emerging media and technology in New York City. As the event's signature "science-fair," over 100 projects, prototypes and startups will be on view. Participating demos were selected from NYC Media Lab's consortium of universities. NYC Media Lab will award $25,000 in prizes to the most innovative work on view.



Exploring the Heart

An educational VR experience about the Human Heart designed for 4th year medical students at NYU Langone Medical Center. 

Garden Conversations & The Other Side
The New School

In Garden Conversations, memories come back to life in different forms, from objects to the body and the place they inhabited, one should noticed them and start a conversation with them. The other side is an immersive environment where a dystopian future is a portrait in consequence of today’s capitalist digital obsession.

HoloStudio - Mixed Reality Artist Studio Concept    
NYU Tandon

HoloStudio is a concept for envisioning an artist studio in mixed reality.

If I Ride VR
School of Visual Arts

Ride the bicycle to travel VR landscape you build with hands!

Let Me Understand Your Language

A VR experience that empowers Dai ethnic minority in Southwest China to share their stories and customs in an engaging way. It creates an environment in which people can explore two styles of architecture—a Dai vernacular bamboo house and a modern concrete house— through interactions with different objects.

Mixed Reality Art Portfolio
NYU Tandon

We designed and developed an art portfolio app for the Microsoft Hololens--users can view 3D holographic artwork, place it in their real-world environment, adjust the size, and view its true to size dimensions.

VR Editing

Editing and watching movies in a VR environment.

Breaking the Echo Chamber    
Carnegie Mellon University

Breaking the Echo Chamber is a social VR concept that lets you explore a stranger's social media bubble in virtual reality.


VillageLIVE is an augmented reality walking tour through the streets of New York City that provides a window into the queer history of this city using the archive of Nelson Sullivan.

Are Aligned
Parsons School of Design

Are Aligned is a virtual reality party game where players work together to communicate instructions and perform a song together. In Are Aligned, one player plays inside the headset and 2-4 players on the outside coordinate with trackers.

AR telepresence + AR Navigation
NYU Tandon

We are the 1st team to achieve real-time 3d streaming between 2 phones- We also are doing the most advanced interior navigation. It works!!

Loup: AR for nutrition
Pratt Institute

Augmented Reality visualization of nutrition information on packaged food.

NYU Stern

A platform that brings tourist destinations to life through AR.

Post-Millennial Virtual Reality Explorations

How does Generation Z interact with Virtual Reality? In a series of 360° short films, students aged 11 - 14 storyboarded, filmed, and created VR content on themes such as comedy, drama, & exploration.

Calling Thunder: The Unsung History of Manhattan
School of Visual Arts

Calling Thunder explores the unsung history of New York through spatial audio and mobile VR. Users are transported through a series of interactive soundscapes that compare today’s urban cacophony to the vibrant ecosystems Henry Hudson would have encountered in 1609.

Pirate Glass
Parsons School of Design

Pirate Glass is a wearable device using AR technology to secure female night jogging.

Attention Harvest
Parsons School of Design

Attention Harvest is a VR experience to critique the situation that all the social media and internet companies capture and resell their user’s attention to make profits. This virtual world tracks the position and duration of the player’s gaze and saves them into the database to render intrusive objects.

Everything on Paper Will Be Used Against Me
CUNY Graduate Center

Mlti-dimensional data visualizations (including 2d, 3d, animated, interactive, VR and AR data visualizations) to explore the networks of individuals, subjects, documents and metadata in the National Security Agency's Kissinger Correspondence.

RTcmix in Unity: Embedded Algorithmic Audio Synthesis and DSP Engine
Columbia University

We show a fully-featured computer music signal-processing and synthesis language embedded in the Unity game engine.

Relevant Motion

Relevant Motion is a at home physical therapy system that allows users with physical limitations visualize their body performing routine tasks via Virtual Reality and live Motion Capture.

Parsons School of Design

splatwire is an augmented reality art sharing app that allows you to draw virtual art and leave it in the real world for others to see.


Exploring the power of our minds through VR! WAVR is an immersive mixed reality experience, in which neuro-controlled VR technology is used in conjunction with biosensors that monitor fluctuations in alpha waves. Depending on the alpha wave state, certain commands are triggered on the VR application.

Parsons School of Design

Halcyon is a VR healthcare wearable that encourages millennials to relieve their anxiety using innovative technology; this self-care tool uses customizable features and the immersive visual nature of VR to provide a unique sensorial experience.

Back Seat Baby
Winners of the Unity NYC Game Jam

When you’re strapped into a booster seat, imagination is your only friend...


Multi User Virtual Reality Plugin that encourages users to interact in immersive worlds.

Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to Teach Project Management. 
CUNY Lehman College, EON Reality VR Training Academy

This initial prototype provides new project management students with an interactive augmented reality experience.  

Travel in Large-Scale Head-Worn VR
Columbia University

We demonstrate a 3D interaction technique that allows a user wearing a VR head-worn display to point at a world-in-miniature representation of a city-scale virtual environment and perform efficient and precise teleportation by pre-orienting an avatar. Authors: Carmine Elvezio, Mengu Sukan, Barbara Tversky, Steven Feiner.

Remote Collaboration in AR and VR Using Virtual Replicas
Columbia University

We present a collaborative AR and VR system for remote task assistance, where event attendees wear tracked head-worn displays. A remote expert creates virtual replicas of tracked objects and demonstrates actions on them in VR to guide a local user performing a task with those physical objects in AR. Authors: Carmine Elvezio, Mengu Sukan, Ohan Oda, Barbara Tversky, Steve Feiner. 

A-VR is a web based VR platform for visualizing massive point cloud models on low cost mobile platforms such as Google Cardboard/Daydream.

City of Green Dreams
CUNY Lehman College, EON Reality VR Training Academy

City of Green Dreams showcases Green initiatives for a sustainable New York City. Get immersed in our VR experience and learn about the social, environmental and economical impacts these green places have in your city landscape.

School of Visual Arts
AVRA is an immersive wonderland that creates new ways to interact with inanimate objects and everyday surfaces.

The New School

DaisyVR is game about a person who has gone through a traumatic experience.

Game of Thrones in AR

Game of Thrones in AR is a mobile narrative AR installation where a map of Westeros is augmented with castles and landscapes from the show, and where users can interact and witness a narrative story of Aegon Targaryen's conquest.


An immersive adventure of nature enabled by magical paintings.

NYU Tandon

MooR imagines the future of navigating the spatial web through the case study of a mixed reality artist portfolio.

YOU ARE HERE & PathChartr
CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

YOU ARE HERE is a smartphone-driven immersive AR experience that uses archival NYC photos and location-based technology to take users on a street-level trip through time. PathChartr is a tool that allows news organizations without coders to deliver personalized, relevant and helpful information to users who are guided through Q&A-fueled interactive journeys. 

Octopus Bar
NYU Think Tank

Welcome to the Octopus Bar, where mysterious Events happening.

NYU Tandon

Requeerium is a psychedelic dreamscape created based on the memories and experiences of queer folks.

School of Visual Arts

Kiwi is a mobile application scanner for physical textbooks, that enhances the reading experience for highschool students.

The Reality of Reality    

A revealing VR animated short about the discovery of an unsuspected reality. 

The Sign Of The Four (AR Version)    
NYU Tandon Mobile AR Lab

It leads to a new generation of the reading experience by using augmented reality.

Brain Computer Interface for Virtual Reality
Columbia University

The subject wears a virtual-reality headset and drives down a street. She looks at billboards on the side of the road as she passes them. We record EEG and ocular signals, use machine learning to calculate the users interest in each billboard, and display it, all in real time.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering

EngageVR is a customizable VR learning experience that serves as a safe space for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to practice real life situations. It is an alternative to role playing exercises currently used by teachers and parents that could allow them to monitor the child’s progress.

VR for Documentary Content
Hunter College CUNY

"Realidad VE" and "INCERTIDUMBRE" are experiments that attempt to combine documentary material with virtual space and game components for VR presentation.


emBody uses emerging, compact motion capture technologies to translate motion into sound modification.

VR Food Palace
NYU Tandon

Using VR to improve people's eating experience while waiting for food or table.

School of Visual Arts

Hubble is a computer vision experience designed to make space education more engaging and fun for early elementary students and teachers. It utilizes a device called the Lampix, which sits on a table and turns the surface below into a "smart" interactive surface.

NYU Mobile AR Lab
NYU Tandon

The demo is meant to exhibit a a couple of VR projects, in an educational context, being done as a collaboration between NYU Admissions team and Tandon Mobile AR Lab. The VR experiences showcase interesting projects that incoming students can potentially be a part of.

The Parts: Wisdom
Parsons School of Design

The Parts is a spiritual, virtual reality experience that aims to cultivate our inner voice and to encourage the participants to be aware of our disparate inner selves.

The Fragile Green
Parsons School of Design

“The Fragile Green” is an interactive installation which is focusing on virtual immersive experience about fireflies and nature.

NYU Game Center

Echo is an intuitive, creative, VR music remixing experience, where the user makes music by drawing flowing, ribbon-like objects.

Parsons School of Design

Wearable Media has created a futurist garment named, AudRey, that can reveal the wearer’s ‘aura’ by using the data collected through their online social media presence. The garment is a blend of Augmented Reality and 3D textile printing technology, where the virtual and tangible world are superimposed within each other.

Reinventing Life on Mars

A SciFi virtual reality experience of the first earth civilization on Mars.


NGEMS: Next Generation Emergency System    
NYU Tisch School of Arts

NGEMS hardware radio module that uses signal strength of mobile devices to locate people in buildings, occupancy and site overview visualized on to a web platform. 

Parsons School of Design

NYC foodiverse is a data visualization experiment about NYC restaurant inspection data and Foursquare ratings for restaurants in NYC. 

Touch-Free Music

Touch-less gesture to perform music and visuals simultaneously using computer vision.

Computed Curation
Parsons School of Design
Computed Curation is a photobook created by a computer: Taking the human editor out of the loop, it uses machine learning and computer vision tools to curate a series of photos from an archive of pictures.

Lone Comfort    
Parsons School of Design

Lone Comfort is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy experiment to help myself modify and cope with irrational beliefs. By creating a Cognitive AI helmet as a digital comfort zone, and by wearing it in public, I want to document the comparison of relationships between a mobile device, human, and myself.

Wearable Self    
Parsons School of Design

Wearable Self is a data-driven jewelry collection generated by self-data, which is an attempt to make quantified self data more meaningful for individuals who use wearable devices. Through personalization and customization, It creates new opportunities for users to interact with their data, resulting in meaningful objects that they can wear.


@veatrapper is a music composition and performance tool/software that uses algorithm to convert social memory and communication data from Instagram corresponding to place and time into audio-visual experience.

Speech Up
Parsons School of Design, Cornell Tech

Speech Up is a mobile speech therapy app (for kids) that uses machine learning to provide real-time pronunciation feedback and self-directed personalized gameplay.

Columbia University

EyeStyle identifies the exact or similar clothes from an image.

The Embryo Digital Atlas
The New School

The Embryo Digital Atlas is an open source web based platform to visualize complex experimental datasets of embryogenesis in an easy and beautiful way.

Sequential Stories

An iOS app that uses Google DeepMind's image-to-text model to generate a series of captions of images and create a sequential story.

Searching the Web with Neural Networks
NYU Computer Science

Neural networks that introduce a new paradigm for web search.

CUNY Hunter College

BitNews can turn any article to a shareable, easy-to-consume visual story in a completely automated way.

AI Designed Prosthetics
Pratt Institute

The purpose of the project is to utilize data, AI, and automated design to create a fully customized bionic hand as a prosthetic for those who have lost a limb, allowing for a greater level of personal connection to the hand without the expense of a traditionally bespoke product.

Smart City: Deep Learning Model for Car-Pedestrian Interaction
Columbia University

An end-to-end deep learning system for traffic tracking and prediction.



Andi: Human Chat-bot
Parsons School of Design

Andi: human chat-bot is a social exploratory research project, observing how people behave when they believe they are interacting with a chat-bot that is more human and has the ability to have meaningful and personal conversation.

Charter Ability Project NYU

The Charter Ability Project was a commissioned NYU student research and development effort around accessibility, home entertainment and new media.


Citygram is an urban noise sound-mapping project that makes sensor network scaling practicable via our "plug-and-sense" sensor network design rendering any device with a mic and wifi into an AI noise sensor,

Entity Mapper    
The New School

The ENTITY MAPPER is an open source web application for visualizing qualitative data as an interactive node-link diagram.

Immersion of 3D objects inside 3D Video
Cornell Tech

We break down the walls between AR and normal video. We take in a 2D video (i.e., with no depth data) and use computer vision technology (including deep learning) to automatically detect the planes inside that image. Then we can then realistically immerse 3D models inside the video. 

Lehman College

Lively is an interactive web based toolkit for developing and deploying dialogues at live public events through input from mobile phones.

The Spell Eater
Parsons School of Design

The Spell Eater is an IBM Watson enabled magic talking urn that allows emerging wizards to practice their swishing and casting coordination.

Adoptee Database
Parsons School of Design

A database for adoptees to find their birthparents and/or extended family.

Localization System for Pedestrian Safety
Columbia SEAS

This demo presents an ultra-low-power solution for sound source localization that can be used in wearable devices for pedestrian safety.

Decomposing Data Analytics in Fog Networks
Princeton University

Show how local computation can reduce cloud costs, by allowing for some latency.

Temporal Action Localization in Untrimmed Videos
Columbia SEAS

This demo shows our implementation for visualizing results of event detection and localization in untrimmed videos (CVPR'17 oral paper), which is important for precise video search, surveillance, content creation, and ad linking.

Parsons School of Design

Video documentation of a dual-channel projection-mapped techno-opera with a machine-learning assisted libretto about the life of an iron mine.

NYC Subway Outages: A Data Map
Columbia University

Analyzing MTA Alerts, this data map offers for the first time insights on Subway service-interrupting incidents. Despite several data and traditional reporting on Subway troubles, this is the first time data mining and text analysis are used to build a structured database of Subway incidents.

NYU Steinhardt

The first AI powered educational platform for emerging musicians to discover connections between artists and the stories behind the music.

Parsons School of Design

SleepWhale is a product that combine healthcare, data visualization and sound meditation which attempt to help people to relax and release pressure by biofeedback training.

Solution Space Study

This demo allows the user to explore and interact with a matrix of neural networks that are being visualized in their pursuit of the solution space for the same equation.



Parsons School of Design

Ovee is an application that is designed for young women to take control of their sexual and reproductive health.  Incorporating artificial intelligence and augmented reality, Ovee creates a safe space for women to ask and answer questions, learn about their bodies in a private setting, and engage with their health.

Columbia University

Palmos will demo its hydrological sensor and physical modeling for natural catastrophe risk prediction applications.

Remo Haptics    
Pratt Institute

A wearable movement training device for athletes that records a user’s movement and directs them toward more efficient movement patterns in real time using a proprietary haptic language.

Beacon - Mobile Calendar App
Pratt Institute

Beacon is a mobile calendar application aimed at working professionals who have irregular schedules, such as real estate agents, interior designers, or actors.

NYU Stern

Workflow and collaboration tools for accelerating the creative process of VR/AR/360 video production all built in WebVR. 

Parsons School of Design

Think GoPro meets Garmin and Strava on your iPhone.

Pratt Institute

TEK-TILES is an ongoing project to create a taxonomy of manufacturing solutions for integrating technology into smart garments and functional fabrics.

Keller Graduate School of Management

VisualPathy is a 360VR content producer network that allow producers to showcase their work, meet other experts, and connect business opportunities.

AppliCafé: The Next Generation of Internet Café
Pace University

AppliCafé is a mobile space equipped with tablets, mobile applications and video tutorials to improve the mobile literacy skills of people in developing markets. It also permits to bridge the gap between local developers and users, and promote local apps. It was tested in Senegal, West Africa.

Frezit Labs
Kings Borough Community College CUNY

Smart trash can that freeze organic waste.

University of Virginia

With 1Degree, you can instantly FaceTime with amazing people from around the world - either create a live auction and watch your fans bid against one another for the opportunity to FaceTime with you or set your availability and sit back, relax and review the FaceTime offers from your fans.  

Tactly: Think Before You Speak
Parsons School of Design

Tactly is a self-moderation tool that guides people to manage and strengthen their verbal manners on the Internet and social media.

NYU and Brown University

Immersive virtual copies of the world, built by algorithms, for architecture, real estate, and beyond.

Cornell Tech

Articulo is an app that allows individuals to share articles to improve learning in a professional environment. We will demo how the app works, and the way it was tailored for teenagers and experts in the Built by Girls network


Three way communication and patient education among physician, patient, and physician assistant via an intelligent mobile app.

Night to Night
Baruch College

A social app for the nightlife that allows users to make last minute decisions on where to go out.

XTH Sense: The World's First Biocreative Instrument
CUNY City Tech

Participants will harness the power of their body (muscles, blood flow, heart beat, body temperature & spatial data) to interact with connected devices, musical and audio software and games, virtual and augmented reality.

Borough of Manhattan Community College

SmartMatter virtual patient model can be used to communicate with and instruct patients in aftercare and pain management and can serve as a comprehensive means of tracking patient progress in recovery.

NYU Game Center

Tourists put lots of effort on researching before their journeys, so we create this geo-based AR game to help tourists and make their travel experience fun and easy.

NYU Computer Science

Use computer vision & augmented reality in meaningful ways to empower people to make smarter decisions on health & wellness.

Participatory Taxation in NYC
Columbia University

Participatory taxation allows taxpayers to opt-in on their property tax bills and to self-allocate 10% of their tax dollars to propose their own city projects or to allocate it to another person’s project proposals through a technological platform.



The lights are growing dim...    

Titled “The lights are growing dim…” a line from the movie Repo Man, this interactive installation embodies a symbolic experience of fictional death. In complete darkness, the simple lighting effect becomes part of an intimate theatrical experience, with a computer generated monotone uttering the last words of a movie character.

Time and Nature
Pratt Institute

Time and Nature is a playful online journal that aim to educate people on the benefits of observing nature, to help people maintain a balanced life through engaging appreciating, learning, and enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Touching The Void
The New School

Touching The Void displays virtual objects on a physical pedestal and uses vibration gloves to create the haptic sensation when the audience interacts with the virtual object. 

Code Control
CUNY Brooklyn College

CodeControl is a game designed to teach students enrolled in Introductory Computer Science courses fundamental concepts, visually.

Let Go Machine

Let Go Machine is an interactive installation that provides a guided meditation experience for people who suffer from memories of regret.

Visual Acid Trips
Parsons School of Design

A visual acid trip combining photography, animation and creative code.

Parsons School of Design

Interact & Earn Cash is an arcade experience which explores the various aspects of data privacy and consent.

Parsons School of Design

“ENGAGE” is an installation which creates the bridge between two groups of student (Institute for Retired Professionals & the New School students), in order to break the age segmentation and create more inter-generational connections.

Space Experience Artifacts
Parsons School of Design

An assembly meme of a space representative installation.

ZNews Africa
CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

African News at the Push of a Button: Get the latest tech, business, culture and entertainment stories in English and French at your finger tips.

Tuned Out!
NYU Game Center

Instead of binging one game, channel surf 12 of them in this punk TV broadcast of noisy action-arcade games.

Breath Matters
The New School

An wearable belt cooperating with software and projector for yoga fans that can help them practice yogic breath visualize it around the user.

Pick Up My Phone
Parsons School of Design

The APP "Pick Up My Phone" utilizes ABSOLUTELY ZERO TEXT and embraces hand/finger print as the only language to help people come through awkward moments.

Bushwick Lightbox

Dynamic light paintings.

Planet 234
Parsons School of Design

Planet 234 is a mobile game that uses the shift of perspective between 2D and 3D as mechanism to show the fluid, intertwined relationship of time and dimensional space.

Deep Compositing: Performance, Augmentation and Voids
University of Oxford

A critical look at the connection between embodiment and composited images.

CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Displaying newsletter and ancillary community-building concepts on laptop.

CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Beyonder is an immersive itinerary curation service around the Black experience for the Black traveler.

Parsons School of Design

Gastro is a fine dining, interactive installation and short film that speculates on a post-climate-change world in the year 2100. 

Parsons School of Design

milk'Em is an interactive play experience that lets the player milk the cow in order to produce ice cream on screen- this is a commentary on mistreatment of factory farm animals and the current state of food production.

Ojo Oro

Ojo Oro is a line of high aesthetic designed experimental and experiential cameras that merge the photo-taking experience of digital and film/analog cameras.

Roommate Simulator    

Roommate Simulator is a game inspired by the living style of New Yorkers, which is they often squeeze in a small apartment and sometimes encounter terrible roommates.

CUNY Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism

24 Hour StreetMusicMap Festival: global audience to local artists. 

New Learning Times
Columbia University

Members of the publishing team at EdLab, Teachers College Columbia University will showcase New Learning Times, their online publication about learning, technology, and the future of education.

Auditory Bubbles Game
CUNY Brooklyn College

A game-with-a-purpose about identifying speech in noise that will help researchers identify the cues that are important for understanding individual words.

~you are now connected~
Parsons School of Design

A short film based in the near future, where a cab ride back home takes an interesting turn. Look out for where you say yes.

The Silk Road

Let scroll painting come to life and tell the moving and legendary stories.

Bivalvia: Into the Shell
Columbia University

3D-printed prototype of shell-inspired headdress with immersive, spatialized audio design.

Untitled Realities
NYU Tandon

Many theorists believe that identity is largely shaped by experiences. If this is true, what are the implications of creating immersive experiences using VR technology, and how is the formation of human identity influenced by it? Untitled Realities is a Virtual Reality installation that examines this quandary.

Look into your heart
NYU Tandon

A visual experience to see your heart beats in flickering lights with enjoyable sound guidance.

The New School

If you have experienced the frustration of being locked outside your house because you forgot your keys inside, you will need a key hanger capable of alert you when you are leaving your keys behind.

NYU Media Studies

Picself is an interactive drawing installation work.

Transmissions From The System
NYU Tandon

Voicemail transcriptions appear across the LCD with the sound of the caller controlling the light level of the bulb, but no sound is heard - indicating how technology that is built to help us connect, can create greater gaps and an absence of connection.

The Screaming Sun

The Screaming Sun is a noise-making machine that gets both power and signal from light. The performer may affect different sources of light which in turn affect the sounds produced.